Saturday, May 25, 2013

Operation: O-bear Wan Kenobie

This blog entry is a message to my little warrior Ethan, for his sixth birthday on June 6th. I met Ethan through a program called Little Warriors, founded by Maci Bates.

 Maci is a survivor of childhood breast cancer, and has decided to take her experience and fight back in a positive way. She began Little Warriors as a Relay for Life team that grew into an internet based "pen pal" program in which children dealing with serious illness were paired up with people who would send them packages, cards, and gifts of encouragement. Once a month these children recieve a random act of kindness from a stranger they have never met. Maci founded this organization before she was even out of highschool, and is a shining example of how one person can touch the lives of many with kindness and compassion.

Ethan was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on his 5th birthday. Ethan loves superheroes and his mom has run with this theme and created the "Ethan is my hero!" Facebook page, where friends, family, and even strangers can send him words of support during the complications of his treatment. Ethan was paired up with me in April and since then has received a package of goodies, as well as 2 transmissions from the galactic Empire.

For Ethan's birthday I wanted to give him something special, that had a little more meaning to it than a simple toy. I wanted him to know that his story was being told, that there were people out in the world that cared about him and his battle, and that those same people were fighting the battle with him. I enlisted the help of the 501st and Rebel Legion and we set up a special project for him. May I present to you:

The Story of O-Bear Wan Kenobie

A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away, there was an Ewok named O-bear Wan Kenobie. O-bear was not content in his life as an E-wok, and made the decision to become a Jedi knight. Through years of training and meditation he learned of a child across the galaxy named Ethan who was fighting a battle with leukemia for his life. Ethan was such a great warrior that he inspired O-bear to take a journey across the galaxy and tell as many people about Ethan's fight as possible.

O-bear took his new found passion before the Jedi council, where he was granted permission to pursue his mission. Jedi master Aayla Secura was especially touched by Ethan's story and arranged for O-bear to speak before the Galactic Senate on his behalf.

Escourted to the senate by Jedi Luminara Unduli, O-bear met Tarfful, the Wookie Chieftan of Kachriho. Tarfful sent Ethan a big wookie hug for O-bear to deliver to Ethan when they finally meet!

 Clone Troopers on planet Geonosis met O-bear and took time out of their battle plans to talk with him about Ethan. They were so impressed that they sent this picture to let him know that they wanted to be heroes just like Him!

Kashyyyk troopers performing recon on planet Dagobah were surprised to find O-bear chasing them through the woods for a picture! They too were moved by Ethan's heroics and wanted to show their support!

O-bear spent a lot of time on planet Tattoine-- here he is with a Jawa and a Tusken Raider! He didn't really know what they were saying, but it must have been something about how awesome Ethan is!

Outside of Jabba's Palace, O-bear met a Bounty Hunter named Boushh- at least, he thinks that's who it was!

At the Mos Eisley Cantina O-bear ran into another bounty hunter, Dengar. Dengar said the cantina was no place for O-bear, and he had to go!

Back on the streets of Mos Eisley, O-bear ran into another Jedi like himself! But this Jedi wasn't the one he was looking for, so he decided to move along.

Later on, O-bear met some pilots who convinced him to join the Rebel Alliance! He journeyed with them to Yavin 4, and got to ride in one of their cool starships!

On Yavin 4, O-bear met the three-eyed alien Re-Yees, who was very nice despite being kind of scary looking! Re-Yees liked O-bear's story about Ethan so much that he introduced him to Mon Mothma, one of the founders of the Alliance, where she praised his mission and Ethan's Bravery!

On the ice planet Hoth, O-bear Wan overslept and missed the evacuation! He was captured by Imperial Snow Troopers, but when he told them the story of Ethan's battle, they decided to help him on his mission (even though he was a good guy!)

They sent O-bear back to his home on the forest moon of Endor, where Imperial Biker Scouts and Ewoks had long been enemies. But the scouts were so impressed with O-bears young friend Ethan that they decided to help smuggle him aboard a Star Destroyer headed for Ethan's home planet of Earth!

On board the Star Destroyer, troops sent out a message to help O-bear find someone who knew this brave young Ethan. They Received a transmission from Storm Troopers on Earth who said they knew Ethan, and O-bear Caught a ride with this Tie-Fighter Pilot!

O-bear's Star Destroyer stopped in Orlando, Florida, where O-bear met TK-66613, Ethan's friend in the 501st legion. TK-66613 promised he would make sure O-bear made it in time to Meet Ethan Before his sixth birthday. So check your mail box Ethan, Because O-bear is on his way!

O-bear Wan Kenobie would like to thank all of the friends he made on his journey to meet Ethan, and hopes that those friends will continue to tell Ethan's story across the Galaxy!

Happy Birthday Ethan, and may the Force be with you!

I accidentally forgot to put in one more picture of the clone troopers on Geonosis and their awesome troop transport! This has been added. Commander Colt was kind enough to remind me!

Also, if you would like to follow Ethan's battle or learn more about sponsoring your own little warrior, you can visit the following links:


Mission Accomplished! 

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  1. That's awesome! HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY ETHAN!!!!!